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Chocolates, Roses, and Chainsaws

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Valentine’s Day just around the corner, husbands and boyfriends everywhere are reminding themselves to find that perfect romantic card. Somewhere along the line, they’re likely to pick up one or more of those traditional Valentine’s gifts for their sweethearts: a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, perhaps some gold earrings or a diamond pendant. For women, buying Valentine’s Day gifts is a bit more difficult, but it shouldn’t be. After all, nothing says love quite like a chainsaw. What could be more romantic? For this and similar such occasions, we’ve taken a few liberties with a gift-buying guide for women that has made the rounds on the Internet for the past 20 years or so. It’s called A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Gifts, and our version includes 10 basic rules.

Basic Snow Blower Maintenance

Few winter chores are more frustrating than seeing your driveway and sidewalks covered with snow, cranking up your snow blower, and having it cough feebly a few times before refusing to run properly. A lot of people experience that frustration during the first storm of the year, but you don’t have to be among them. [...]

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Comparing Snow Blowers to Snow Throwers: Single-Stage v. Dual-Stage

You’re weary of coming back in the house with an aching back and frost-nipped fingers, toes, and nose, so you’ve made up your mind: Shoveling snow has got to go! Now you’re browsing various models of snow blowers online, and you see two primary options: a single-stage snow blower and a dual-stage (or two-stage) snow thrower. Scratching [...]

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2016 Lawn Mower Review

Top selling lawn mowers this season. Ever feel like choosing a quality lawn mower to be a little challenging? With so many brands and styles available, self-propelled or push, we've read through the reviews to many popular models for 2016 and this is what we found to be the best lawn mower according to so many [...]

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Summer Improvements

New construction always speeds up when the weather improves and so does the home remodeling. Now is the perfect time to schedule those important steps to take when lining up home improvements so you can efficiently and comfortably enjoy this beautiful weather while improving or updating you home. According to HGTV, They list the top 15 [...]

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Need a Summer Project?

Spring and Summer are the best seasons to get started on those long put off plans to update the homestead. It's always a great idea to begin around the yard with flowers, gardens, even some measure of lawn care but that's just the short list of activities commonly done around the home. Did you know the [...]

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You Need to See What's New!

We are prepared for Spring, are you? With weather feeling this good there's no better time to get a few things done around the yard such as planting that flower garden you've planned out perfectly in your mind, raking and cleaning up fallen branches around the lawn, dusting off all that yard furniture and preparing for [...]

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New Line-Up, More Available Options

Croft Sales and Service has expanded our great selection to our family of lawn mowers. Our Honda line of mowers have a wide variety of options specific to each model and some share the same excellent features. Now in 2016 we are including a few more well known brands to offer you more options, more features [...]

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We Are Proud to Help

With plenty to do coming up this spring season, tasks like the labor intensive spring clean-up for the city, preparing space for that new vegitable garden or flower bed, aerating and fertilizing the lawn for a healthy green start. We would like to hear from you about anything we can help explain preparing your outdoor [...]

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Spring Cleaning

With Spring right around the corner, we ar all excited to get working in the yard and starting up those gardens. Generally after the snow has melted off leaving behind the loads of debris that has accumulated from the many layers of shoveled snow or snow plow build up becomes the first task to clean off [...]

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